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Counselling or life coaching can often be misunderstood as only being for those people who have specific problems that they are struggling to deal with. Counselling or life coaching is a useful tool which all types of people can benefit from.

Not only is counselling or life coaching useful for specific problems that one may be struggling with, but it is also very useful for anyone who would simply like an objective, unbiased view of their life and the decisions they make.

If you need assistance in dealing with personal problems, receiving guidance on specific decisions, or simply would like assistance with setting and reaching goals, then counselling or life coaching may be suitable for you.

Life coaching specifically can be useful to assist people with personal development goals such as trying to become healthier, having goals towards work related decisions or simply changing behaviors that hinder one’s development.

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BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

A quick, effective and long lasting form of psychotherapy that drastically reduces the number of sessions for most issues. It is not unusual to fix long standing problems in a single session.

Stress &

Living with anxiety can be overwhelming and impact every aspect of your life. I believe in taking a proactive approach by preventing anxiety before it even starts so that you can live anxiety-free for good!

Trauma &

Trauma or difficult events from your life may be holding you back and leading you to rely on harmful coping mechanisms. You may also have developed irrational fears or phobias as a result.

The Wellbeing Project

Imagine being able to…be in control of your emotions, set goals and actually achieve them, enjoy your food and take pleasure in healthy meals, wake up every day feeling in love with yourself!

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