Privacy Policy

Terms of use
All materials in The Wellbeing Project are copyrighted to Kirsten Penderis Counselling. Materials are therefore for your own use and not to be distributed in any way. Your login details for the website are not to be shared to anyone. The materials will be available for you to view on Practice better, the workbooks will be available to download for your personal use only, these are not to be shared, copied or distributed in any way.

Coaching and Therapy
The Wellbeing Project is a coaching program. The individual sessions may however require some therapy. With your consent, if appropriate, I may use BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) during individual sessions. Please see separate consent form for the use of BWRT. Therapy cannot be offered to clients who are residing in the United States and Canada, only coaching will be offered to such clients.

Payment terms
Payment is required upfront in order to enrol in The Wellbeing Project. If you have chosen the instalment option, then 3 payments will need to made to keep you enrolled in the program. If a payment is missed, access to the program will be restricted until payment has been received. Refunds are not offered for this program.

Benefits and limitations
Online consultations are a convenient alternative to traditional face-to-face sessions and has been shown to be effective in helping with many difficulties. It has its limitations and may feel less personal than sitting in the same room with someone. It is not an appropriate medium if you are you are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts. Seeing a mental health professional face-to-face is recommended in these situations.

Procedures for technical difficulties
Disruptions can occur when using the internet to communicate. Should our communication be disrupted, I will immediately attempt to reconnect and resume the session. However, if I am repeatedly unable to reconnect for 10 minutes, I will send you an email or text message to reschedule.

Any information provided to me will remain confidential and will not be given to a third party unless you give me specific permission to release the information. The only exceptions to confidentiality are if there is a legal reason that obligates me to share the information, or if there is significant risk of harm to yourself or someone else that requires me to share the information.

Crisis management
It can be difficult to deal with emergency crisis situations when working online as we are often in separate locations. I will therefore ask you to provide the contact details of a local family member/friend in the case of an emergency. If you are having suicidal thoughts then this program would not be suitable, in this case please make contact with me and I can make an appropriate referral, the program could then be suitable at a later stage.

Rescheduling or cancelling sessions
The Wellbeing Project includes 12 60-minute online video sessions. The sessions are included in the price of the program. Sessions should be scheduled per week for 12 weeks. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, this needs to be done 48 hours in advance, if they are cancelled less than 48 hours in advance the session will be lost. If a session is missed due to uncontrollable circumstances, then please discuss this with me. The sessions form the core of the program therefore they should be made a priority.

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