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Revealing the Unspoken Struggles Faced by Male Victims

In my practice, the majority of my clients are women although, I also have male clients.  A lot of the women I see have experienced some type of abuse and these clients come and see me because of the negative symptoms they are experiencing as a result of these traumatic experiences. What I have noticed is that my male clients report difficult behaviours from their female partners but they don’t easily call it abuse… This is interesting and sheds light on societal expectations and gender stereotypes. My female clients use the word abuse, whereas men don’t seem to use this word easily. When we talk about abuse in relationships, the discussion often focuses on men abusing women. While this is a serious issue and it is extremely important to support these survivors, it is equally important to acknowledge
that abuse can occur in any relationship dynamic, including women abusing men.

Society's Expectations and Gender Stereotypes:

Historically, traditional gender roles have placed men in positions of power and strength while reinforcing the idea that women are more nurturing and submissive. These societal expectations have created an environment where men may be less likely to acknowledge or report instances of abuse by women. Men fearing judgement of being weak or emasculated may be a significant barrier for seeking help.

Social stigma:

One of the challenges faced by male victims of abuse is the social stigma associated with it. Men often fear judgment or disbelief when they disclose their experiences, as societal norms tend to downplay the seriousness of abuse against men. This stigma is further exacerbated by stereotypes that suggest men should be strong, invulnerable, and able to defend themselves in any situation. As a result, male victims may be hesitant to seek help, which can lead them to suffer in silence and isolation.

Forms of Abuse Faced by Men:

Abuse does not discriminate based on gender. Men can experience various forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. Physical abuse may involve hitting, slapping, or pushing, while emotional and verbal abuse can manifest through manipulation, constant criticism, or demeaning language.Sexual abuse can take the form of coercion or forced sexual acts. These acts, regardless of the gender of the perpetrator, are still abusive and harmful.

Symptoms of abuse:

Men who experience abuse may exhibit various symptoms such as physical injuries, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, behavioural changes, relationship difficulties, sexual difficulties, flashbacks, and substance abuse. Seeking professional help and support is crucial in addressing these symptoms and facilitating healing for male survivors of abuse. It’s important to note that these symptoms can vary widely among individuals, and not all men will experience the same set of symptoms.

Breaking the Silence and Seeking Support:

It is crucial to break the silence surrounding male victims of abuse and encourage them to seek support. Just as women have access to helplines, support groups, and counselling services, men should have equal opportunities to access resources tailored to their needs. By providing safe spaces and non-judgmental support, we can empower male survivors to come forward, share their stories, and begin the healing process.


Abuse is a complex issue that affects individuals of all genders. Recognizing that women can also abuse men is crucial for dismantling the stereotypes that perpetuate silence and stigma. By acknowledging the existence of female-perpetrated abuse, providing support for male survivors, and promoting education and awareness, we can create a society that embraces all survivors and works towards preventing abuse in all its forms. Let us come together to break the cycle of silence and create a safer world for everyone.

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Patriotamat Locakzp

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