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What are Core Beliefs?

These are deeply ingrained, fundamental beliefs that shape our perceptions, thoughts, actions and behaviours. Your brain is like a computer program and your core beliefs are the basis of your own programming. They serve as the basis of our belief systems, identity and influence the choices we make. 

We interpret the world through our core beliefs, they act as a lens or set of glasses through which we interpret situations or experiences. Understanding your core beliefs can help you to gain an understanding in why you think the way you do, and why you act the way that you do. 


Have you ever had negative thoughts about a situation but you simply cannot control these thoughts?

This is a result of your programming or core beliefs that are shaping your thoughts and behaviours. 

Automatic thoughts come from core beliefs which are shaped during our formative years and experiences Here are some examples of common negative core beliefs (CB) and how they could affect behaviour (B):

CB: I don’t deserve to be loved. B:  Sabotages relationship because they don’t believe they deserve love.

CB: I am stupid:  B: Decides not to enrol for that course or degree because they don’t believe they are clever enough to succeed (decision driven by fear).

CB: People don’t like me.  B: Declines coffee invitation because they don’t think the people who invited them will like them, so they don’t see a point. 

These are basic examples but this can help you to try and understand your behaviours and to identify your own core beliefs. Everyone experiences disappointments or challenges in life but the way we interpret them, has a huge impact on how we act and feel. 

In conclusion

Our core beliefs are the powerful drivers of our behaviour. They ultimately determine how we act in the world. By becoming aware of our core beliefs, we can actively work to shift them towards more positive and empowering perspectives. This can allow us to transform our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and lead more fulfilling and authentic lives.

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® or BWRT®,  is a quick, effective form of psychotherapy that gets to the core of the problem! This method can be used to rewire your brain, thinking patterns and beliefs. If you would like to know more about this method and how it can help you, then book a free, no obligation consultation session with me.

Patriotamat Locakzp

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